About Animalliance

Established in 2008, Animalliance is a young, developing company entirely dedicated to a single business: supporting your in vivo research. We are number 1 in France for total or partial outsourcing of animal facilities for academic research. Animalliance continues to grow and doubles in size every three years. Animalliance offers integrated services, including

  • Consultancy
  • Veterinary services
  • Outsourcing of animal facilities
  • Tailor-made training

The services are based on the knowhow of specialists, issued from academic research, with special skills in the fields of:

  • In vivo research
  • Laboratory animal science
  • Education and training

By offering these services and relying on those special skills, Animalliance unites animal welfare with optimal in vivo research conditions. Originating in the domain of academic research ourselves, we offer our services to major public research institutes and leading universities in France, and for diverse user facilities elsewhere in Europe.